Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2019

Guest Designer for Visible Image

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Hurra, yipieeeehhhhh!!!! Ich darf in den kommenden Monaten als Gastdesignerin bei Visible Image mit dabei sein. Wer noch  mit im GDT ist, könnt Ihr hier sehen. Eine ausführliche Vorstellung findet Ihr unter diesem Link (KLICK).
Hooray, yipieeeehhhhhh!!!!! I will be a guest designer for Visible Image in the coming months. You can see who else is in the GDT here. You can find a detailed introduction following this link (CLICK).

Meine Vorstellung kopiere ich hier nochmal hin:
Here is my personal introduction copied for you:

Nicole Diedrichs

I am stempelfrida from Germany. Once there was a time when I said that I would not want to use stamps, because you are so limited with a stamp….. that was more than a decade ago and I still have to smile when remembering that thought from where I am today! My passion for paper brought me to places where I found myself surrounded by stamps and I was tempted….. and fell in love head over heels with stamping. I mainly make cards and most of them are kind of clean – not in the classical CAS definition, but rather neat and crisp. Almost always, there is too much on my cards to qualify for them to be CAS, there is too little for them to be the classically mixed media art and they are too neat to be called altered or grunge. For sure I love flashy colours, which is funny since I started really earthy in tones, but then had kind of a colour revolution. So I guess my cards are clean, neat, crisp and flashy …. mostly! And you can be sure that stempelfrida will surprise you once in a while. Who knows, what Visible Image will bring me on to?

instagram: @stempelfrida
blog: stempelfrida

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